Tired of wondering what my store-bought produce was treated with or how long it traveled to sit on the shelf at my grocery store, I thought there must be a better way. Shopping at the farmer’s market was a great start (and is still a part of my regular routine!), but why not take it one step further and grow my own? 

I'd never grown food before, or had a garden. I had a few houseplants that I barely kept alive. But I was motivated! And it turns out, motivation is all you need to grow your own food.

I started small, with just a few galvanized bins as outdoor planters where I grew peas, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes. Stepping out my back door to go 'shopping' in the garden for dinner got me totally hooked. The next year, I expanded from my planters to raised beds, and now I have about 150 square feet of growing space in my backyard, along with a fruit and berry forest in the front yard. 

My passion for growing food has expanded to empowering others to do the same. Whether it's growing a few pots of herbs on your windowsill, to a planting a kitchen garden, to supporting local farmers, to buying organic at your grocery store, healthy food should be accessible to everyone.

Here’s what I’m doing to contribute to this vision:

  • Co-hosting Encyclopedia Botanica, a weekly podcast about edible gardening. Hilary Dahl from the Seattle Urban Farm Company and I chat about seasonal gardening topics and share the joy of growing your own food. Episodes are loaded with gardening knowledge and tips. Listen and subscribe today, and even better, join our Slack group where there’s an awesome group of edible gardeners geeking out daily.
  • Teaching at the Seattle Farm School, which offers classes in modern homesteading skills for all ages. I teach garden planning, seed starting, and herb growing. Or, learn how to jam or pickle your produce in my water bath canning classes.