Hi, I’m Kellie, and I’m glad you’re here. I’m from the Live Free or Die state (NH) but now I call Seattle home. Living here makes me feel lucky every day… mountains, water, and friendly people - what more does a girl need? Sure, it rains sometimes, but that’s just a good excuse to cozy up with a book. 

Things I’m into include growing food, cooking food, hanging with loved ones, camping, walking in the woods, gazing across the ocean, and throwing the ball for my dog, not necessarily in that order. 

I studied environmental policy in college and worked as an environmental educator to help youth understand our connection to the natural world. P.S. When you’re a senior in college and you say you’re willing to move any where, be careful, because anywhere just might end up being Appalachian Kentucky. Despite me being a fish out of water, the people of Kentucky were some of the most welcoming I’ve ever met. 

From there I joined an environmental consulting firm, working on energy efficiency and sustainability, and then moving into operations management. It turns out, I kind of have a knack for getting things done. I love developing systems, making processes more efficient, and improving communication within teams. Nerd alert!

It was a hard decision for me to leave my corporate gig, but various challenges helped me realize that it was time to make health my new full-time job. That’s a whole other story!

Since recovering my health, I’ve been looking for ways to combine my passions with making a living.

  • I co-host Encyclopedia Botanica, a weekly podcast about edible gardening.
  • I teach urban homesteading classes with the Seattle Farm School.
  • I design websites to help small businesses get their good work out into the world (Peace Vans Rentals is one of my favorite projects to date!).
  • And I work as the Yoga Advisor at my local studio, which both scratches my itch ‘getting things done’ and increases my mindfulness (not to mention flexibility). 

Does my story resonate with you? Do you have something awesome to share? Get in touch!